Redlight Sex Trips

Dutch Redlight Prostitute

dutch, redlight, district, amsterdam, prostitute

As Rick James sang: “She’s a very kinky girl; the kind you don’t take home to mother.” He could just as easily be singing about Dutch prostitute Mendy. She’s got tattoos all over her body, but at least there are no tattoos on the parts that count! Sex tourist Lonny came all the way from Indonesia looking for just such a Dutch prostitute, and our tour guide from the Amsterdam Red Light Sex Trips made sure they were introduced.

Lonny immediately got turned on looking at petite Mendy and her tattoos. Mendy, in turn, was very turned on and horny as hell. She went right to work on Lonny’s cock, sucking it down like it could spurt out the fountain of youth. Mendy got her bald twat banged real good, making both she and Lonny totally sexually satisfied. I bet Mendy hopes Lonny comes back to the Amsterdam redlight district to visit her again.

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